Rwanda is home to the world’s biggest primate—the Mountain Gorilla.

Tracking through the thick tropical jungle to encounter these giants face-to-face at close range promises to be an experience like none other! This short trip is a great extension from Tanzania and Kenya.

Best Season

June - Sep

As it is dry

Rwanda - Gorilla & Golden Monkey
From S$ 6,590/Adult
From S$ 6,590/Adult

Hiking through the dense jungle of the mountains of Parc National Des Volcans to come face to face with the world’s biggest primate, the king of forest – Gorilla, is indeed one of the most stunning wildlife experiences on earth. Only 8 permits are given per tracking group to ensure negligible impact on the gorillas. Thus, you will be able to spend up to one hour observing their behavior at close proximity. This trip can be a perfect add-on after your Kenya or Tanzania safari or a trip to Africa in its own right.

Four Seasons Private Jet - World of Adventures & International Intrigue
From S$ 183,750/Adult
24 days
From S$ 183,750/Adult
From the Seychelles to the Galapagos, from Serengeti to the Atlas Mountains, experience the rare, the wild and the beautiful on this trailblazing voyage across four continents.
Great Ape and Rainforest Adventure
From S$ 13,580/Adult
From S$ 13,580/Adult
This week-long adventure will take you deep into the Rwandan mountains and jungle for some of the greatest wildlife encounters. Starting in Nyungwe Forest, follow an expert naturalist guide on a journey through the ancient forest trails for an exclusive experience with the Chimpanzee. With only 8 guests in a tracking group, you will have a chance to interact and observe these clever creatures at close proximity, and be amazed by the resemblance of which our closest living relatives share with us. Afterwards, head to Volcanoes National Park – home to the critically endangered Mountain Gorillas – for another rare opportunity to come face to face with these gentle giants. This trip can be a perfect add-on after your Kenya or Tanzania safari or a trip to Africa in its own right.