Sichuan and the Yangtze Cruise

The Yangtze River is the world’s third longest river and the symbolic lifeline of China.

Two of the Three Gorges are in the Sichuan Province. From the natural wonders of Jiuzhaigou nestled in the western mountain region; the greatest Buddhist sites in Leshan, Emei and Dazu; to wildlife sanctuaries of the lovely icon of China - the Pandas; its unique folk customs and spicy food - this region has plenty to offer. 

Best Season

Mar – May & Oct - Nov

Spring has occasional light and while autumn has mild temperatures and dry conditions.

Yangtze – Art Of Cruising With Spa Retreat
From S$ 3,290/Adult
From S$ 3,290/Adult

The Yangtze River is the longest in China and third longest in the world. To the Chinese it means far more than that - it is the mother river of the nation. Cruise through the heart of China and discover the history and local life as you enjoy the scenery of the Three Gorges.

Sichuan Away From The Crowds  -	With Six Senses Mt Qingcheng Resort
From S$ 2,850/Adult
6 days
From S$ 2,850/Adult

Chengdu is well-known for its leisurely lifestyle, lovely pandas, beautiful old town and various heritage sites. This trip will take you to immerse into local culture. Take in the view of the famous UNESCO heritage of Dujiangyan Irrigation System, the Taoist Pilgrim site in Mt. Qingcheng, the biggest Buddha statue on the world in Mt. Leshan and get close to lovely pandas in their natural environment. What’s more and  will also have a chance to immerse into Sichuan’s culture by visiting the back stage of Face Changing Show, have a hands-on preparation of Sichuan Cuisine and have a go at mahjong, the traditional Chinese game, discover interesting local lifestyle of cleaning ears, drinking bow tea and writing water calligraphy. Escape the crowds and enjoy a 2-night break in luxury at the first Six Senses Resort by Mt. Qingcheng. 

Jiuzhaigou - Nature At Its Best
From S$ 2,320/Adult
5 days
From S$ 2,320/Adult

Jiuzhaigou was listed as an UNESCO World heritage site in 1992. It is well-known for its lovely hills and valleys clad with some of the most beautiful shades of greens in spring and summer, riot of colors in winters and stunning white in winter.