Croatia is one of the hottest new European destinations, offering a rich culture, ancient UNESCO World Heritage Sites, old towns and castles, lush mountains, dazzling beaches with 1,000 islands to visit.
With its classic sunny Mediterranean climate, agreeable and relatively unspoilt people, good seafood and wines and all at a low price compared to most of Europe, this is definitely worth a visit.
Explore the Plitvice Lakes National Park, one of Croatia's biggest tourist attractions. It lies in an ancient and enchanted woodland known as the 'Devil's Garden', scattered with lakes, streams, natural dams, waterfalls, caves and meadows. The park is home to brown bears, wolves, wild cats and many rare birds. There are hiking trails throughout the park, with well-organised wooden walkways and footbridges.

Best Season

May – Aug


Icons of Croatia
From S$ 5,990/Adult
8 days
From S$ 5,990/Adult
From war torn country to the best-kept secret in Europe to fast becoming Europe’s hottest new destination within slightly more than a decade! There is indeed good reason as Croatia is indeed “the Mediterranean as it used to be”
Slovenia & Croatia
From S$ 8,100/Adult
12 days
From S$ 8,100/Adult
Croatia with the lush mountains with pristine lakes and waterfalls; and pretty towns and villages set amidst vineyards and olive orchards. History, architecture and culture have evolved over centuries with Roman, Venetian, Slav and Habsburg influences. Slovenia offers a myriad choices of natural attractions for a country of its size. The gateway to the Alps of snow-capped peaks, turquoise-green rivers and Venetian-style coastline
Slovenia Hiking and Istria White Truffle I 04 to 13 Oct 2018
From S$ 8,980/Adult
8 days | Wildlife & Nature, Small Group Departures | 04 - 13 Oct 2018
From S$ 8,980/Adult

This journey offers you another adventure and gourmet experience in Eastern Europe, including one of the best hikes and culinary experience in Slovenia, purposely end our trip in Istria coincide with the white truffle season.