7 days
From S$ 25,920/Adult


  • Day 01 - Longyearbyen - Embarkation
    Embark on your private yacht. A mystical adventure awaits.
  • Day 02 - 06 - Cruise and Explore Svalbard

    Journey along an expansive archipelago of Svalbard, one of the last major European wilderness. Spitsbergen is home to approximately 5,000 polar bears. Search for walruses, seals, reindeer, Arctic foxes and polar bears.

    Depending on weather and ice condition, here are some places which you can visit while cruising the Svalbard archipelago:

    Magdalenefjorden: Located in Spitsbergen’s northwest coast, where William Barents found walrus tusks in 1596 and home to a whaling station.

    - Liefdefjorden: Home to island groups such as Andøyane (Duck Islands) where birdlife is prolific, enticing polar bears go on a hunt for Arctic bird’s eggs.

    - Monacobreen & Seligerbreen: Majestic glaciers where seals, black-legged kittiwakes and ivory gulls can be spotted as you sail past red Devonian sandstone mountains.

    - Fjortende Julibreen: Impressive glacier with a length of about sixteen kilometers, and a total area of about 127 km2

    - Hornsund: Jagged mountain peaks tower above glacier-filled bays. A prime spot to watch bearded seals, beluga whale, polar bears and thousands of nesting little auks.

  • Day 07 - Longyearbyen - Disembarkation

    Disembark at Longyearbyen, where your next adventure awaits.

    Recommendation: After the cruise, explore the many fascinating towns and fishing villages of Norway. Summer is a fantastic time to hike along lush green fjords Norway is famous for, or witness the unique phenomenon of midnight sun.

    We can also arrange cruise extension to some of the wild islands such as Bear Island which is frequented by whales and sea birds, or along the western fjords of Norway. Speak to our Travel Specialists for more details.





Hanse Explorer

HANSE EXPLORER is one of few yachts in the world today that can be considered a true ‘Expedition Yacht’. Purpose built in 2006 with German precision, HANSE EXPLORER’s steel hull has the highest commercial Ice Class rating (Finnish Ice Class A1 / Germanischer Lloyd Ice Class E3) and her powerful engine allows her to break through dense sea ice with ease.

Expeditions in recent years have taken HANSE EXPLORER south of the Antarctic Circle, north of 82 degrees north latitude (the High Arctic) and to many other exotic destinations in between. With state of the art navigation equipment, a 8,000nm cruising range, the capacity to produce 20 tons of fresh water onboard every day and an extraordinary level of seaworthiness, HANSE EXPLORER is entirely self sufficient for long range exploration.

HANSE EXPLORER’s professional crew and expert guides will take you to the most remote and exciting destinations on Earth - a journey of both substance and style.


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Recommended Fleet

Min. 8 pax

Min. 12 pax
Arctic Cruise: Hanse Explorer EUR 24,470/- per person EUR 16,320/- per person