Family Holidays

Family vacations are nothing short of unforgettable.

Properly planned, a trip with the family provides memorable experiences and can be an eye-opener for both parents and children.

Country Holidays takes pride in knowing our destinations well to take into little considerations that make a family adventure travel trip most exciting.

A family trip need not always be to theme parks or beaches.

Lijiang Family Fun and Adventure – Following the Old Tea Horse Trail
5 days | Yunnan
From S$ 1,895/Adult

Lijiang is the heart of the Naxi minority. Explore ancient old towns, well-preserved houses and Naxi women selling their trade. The highlight is the Tiger Leaping Gorge hike. Tramp through lovely terraces along precipitous gorges with the snow-capped Jade Dragon Mountain in constant sight.

Family Fun For Beijing
5 days | Beijing & Xian
From S$ 2,280/Adult
Beijing is a fascinating city for families. Various interesting activities can be arranged to provide you opportunities to learn and discover the Chinese culture on your own and also a great time for family bonding.
Kathmandu And Pokhara
6 days | Nepal
From S$ 2,480/Adult

Enjoy exclusive offer worth S$ 550 per family

Get your mountain experience, without trekking, at the renowned Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge. Take light village walks in the surrounds, enjoy a massage in your room, or simply relax in your cottage with spectacular views of the Himalayan range.

Finland Family Fun in Santa’s Secret Hideaway
6 days | Finland
From S$ 4,400/Adult
This winter, enjoy a family vacation in a perfect Winter Wonderland with a private meeting with Santa Claus! Enjoy the spectacles of Northern Lights dancing across the skies and sleep in the unique Glass Igloo! While children are making snow angels and building snowmen, you can sip hot Glogi and enjoy the peaceful winter scenery.
Unique Sweden in Wilderness and Comfort
6 days | Sweden
From S$ 5,280/Adult

This itinerary will offer you the best of both worlds, allowing you to enjoy the excitements of the wilderness, yet with comfort. End your trip with a unique tree house accommodation for an added touch of rustic comfort! 

Swedish & Finnish Lapland Fun
8 days | Finland
From S$ 5,180/Adult

Be based away from the usual tourist trail, and enjoy a series of tasteful winter activities done in the most personalized and flexible way! This program is designed for those seeking a perfect winter holiday with unique experiences at good value and is ideal from December to early April.

Italy Family Fun - from Gladiators to Gondolas
9 days | Italy
From S$ 6,790/Adult

Journey through Italy - steeped in history, rich in arts and vibrant in culture – while having plenty of fun as a family! Go truffle hunting, row your own gondola in Venice and be a gladiator for the day.

Nepal Family Fun Featuring Annapurna Trek In Comfort, Rafting And Wildlife Experience
10 days | Nepal
From S$ 3,690/Adult

Designed for the adventurous family seeking contrasting experiences! Explore ancient cities; go on an easy trek into the Annapurna region based in premier lodges, and end off with a rafting adventure into the wildlife and nature of Chitwan National Park.

Chasing The Sunshine In Maalifushi and Cocoa Island by COMO
From S$ 7,700/Adult
Here is a place to discover escapism, or sweet serenity under a reliable sun. It is a special place, at one remove from the noise of modern living, where they nurture every need, attend to every detail, and soothe away the stresses which belong to another life.
Tokyo Family Fun
4 days | Honshu
From S$ 3,990/Adult

Enjoy a truly immersive Japan family experience – be a ninja for a day, try taiko drumming, karate, calligraphy, or learn to perform a tea ceremony. Explore the cityscape of vibrant Tokyo and take quiet strolls in beautiful gardens. After, discover a different side of Japan biking by the coastal scenery, or visit a theme park!

Bali Family Fun With Beach Extension - Walk, Raft And Cultural Immersions
4 days | Bali & Indonesia
From S$ 1,480/Adult

A short family getaway to the magical island of Bali need not be a headache. Head down to Ayung River for a white water rafting adventure or hike through the lush rice fields and ride an elephant. This itinerary promises family fun for all and if you have more time, spend some time on the beach.

Manado Escapade
4 days | Beach Getaway
From S$ 1,100/Adult

Indulge in beach luxury from the heart of Bunaken National Marine Park, on Pulau Siladen in Manado. For the active, explore the famed reefs and a variety of dive sites with different environments.