Great Walks & Hikes

Hiking is the best way to see stunning landscapes, explore vast wildness and get in touch with locals.

By walking, you can appreciate a natural wonder, such as a water-carved arch or a cascading waterfall, or encounter wildlife in its natural environment, or go back to the remains of ancient civilizations. Rest assured of a high ratio of crew: guest during your hike.


Lijiang Family Fun and Adventure – Following the Old Tea Horse Trail
5 days | Yunnan
From S$ 1,895/Adult

Lijiang is the heart of the Naxi minority. Explore ancient old towns, well-preserved houses and Naxi women selling their trade. The highlight is the Tiger Leaping Gorge hike. Tramp through lovely terraces along precipitous gorges with the snow-capped Jade Dragon Mountain in constant sight.

Yellow Mountain And Medieval Villages-	Discover the picture-perfect mountain and untouched villages
5 days | Shanghai & Eastern China
From S$ 2,090/Adult

Hike on a special route to avoid crowds on Huangshan. Slow down your pace in charming medieval villages to enjoy the exclusive Hui style architecture and relax in beautiful boutique hotels hidden in the local villages

Provence Hike And Dine - Great Walks And Epicurean Delights Of Countryside Provence
7 days | France
From S$ 6,400/Adult
Avignon, bewitched by Roman legionnaires, popes, and Vincent van Gogh, is an elegant city of history, art and architecture! Enjoy the hikes in the breathtaking walking paths, hilltop villages and in the “European Grand Canyon”. Be amazed by the flavorful Provencal cuisine, wine and olive oil tastings, colourful markets and much more.
Dolomites Snow-Shoe Hiking Adventure
7 days | Italy
From S$ 5,090/Adult
Winter is perhaps the most magical time to visit the enchanting Dolomites – heart of the Alps! Embark on a fun and unique way to experience the wintry glory of the Dolomites. End your wonderful winter experience at an alpine ski paradise!
Kathmandu & Panchaise Family Camping
8 days | Nepal
From S$ 1,690/Child

Family deal: Second child trek free

This easy trail brings your family through panoramic valleys and ridges with three of the world's highest mountains as your backdrop. Encounter quaint villages where folks still go on their daily farming routine like they have decades ago.

Italian Alps Adventure
8 days | Italy
From S$ 5,290/Adult
From the romantic city of Romeo and Juliet, Verona to the less trodden trail of the Dolomites mountain range in the Italian Alps, immerse in the beauty of Northern Italy where your senses will be delighted. End your journey on a high, luxuriating in the divine Lake Como renowned as the best and most picturesque towns of Northern Italy!
Italian Riviera & Truffle
8 days | Italy
From S$ 5,190/Adult
Travel to the Italian Riviera for both its over-the-top glamour as well as its local, laid-back charm. Hop between colourful seaside villages and explore heritage cities. Embark on a truffle hunting adventure in Alba with the local experts!
Ladakh Village Walk - Off The Beaten Track Cultural, Village And Mountain Experience With Shakti
9 days | The Himalayas
From S$ 6,990/Adult

Hike off the beaten path along a trail of tastefully decorated village houses with glorious views while experiencing hospitality of the rural folks in villages where time seem to have stood still. This itinerary covers Leh and the outstanding monasteries such as Tiksey, Hemis and Stok, but the emphasis is to less accessible areas.

Nepal Family Fun Featuring Annapurna Trek In Comfort, Rafting And Wildlife Experience
10 days | Nepal
From S$ 3,690/Adult

Designed for the adventurous family seeking contrasting experiences! Explore ancient cities; go on an easy trek into the Annapurna region based in premier lodges, and end off with a rafting adventure into the wildlife and nature of Chitwan National Park.

9/11 Days Tasmania - Trek Across The Ends Of The World
From S$ 6,990/Adult
Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, in the middle of Tasmania Island, is a fascinating land of rugged mountains, tall forests and sparkling highland lakes. Together with our professional walking guide, hike on the Overland Track, one of World’s top ten classic trekking routes, where you will not only admire the pristine wilderness, the rarely-seen animals and plants, but also challenge yourself physically. (Best season: Dec to March)
Mt Kinabalu Adventure
4 days | Malaysia
From S$ 1,920/Adult

Nature adventure buffs will find themselves in for a treat in Sabah. Hike up Mt Kinabalu, the highest point of Southeast Asia promises a beautiful sunrise over Borneo. Exciting water activities are also available for sun, sand and sea lovers!

Japan - Kumano Kodo Trail | 11 to 17 May 2018
6 days | Honshu | 11 - 16 May 2018
From S$ 6,880/Adult

The Kumano Kodo Trail has for more than 1000 years been walked by Japanese pilgrim from all walks of life. We have carefully selected the most beautiful sections of the trail to hike and you will indulge in Japanese culture and tradition, understand the Sacred Shinto religion and enjoy some of the loveliest scenery.