Great Walks & Hikes

Hiking is the best way to see stunning landscapes, explore vast wildness and get in touch with locals.

By walking, you can appreciate a natural wonder, such as a water-carved arch or a cascading waterfall, or encounter wildlife in its natural environment, or go back to the remains of ancient civilizations. Rest assured of a high ratio of crew: guest during your hike.


Adventure Into The Colours Of Nature Of Peru
14 days | Peru
From S$ 8,290/Adult
Spend your nights in the luxurious cabana retreat, marvel in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. Immerse into one of the most scenic treks in southern Peru, the breathtaking Ausangate Trek worth every step. The lodge-to-lodge trek is crafted for adventurers who appreciate quality accommodation and nice meals at the end of your daily treks.
Karakorum Silk Route  With Fairy Meadow Trek
14 days | Pakistan
From S$ 3,395/Adult

Trek in Northern Pakistan, the land where the Himalayas, Karakorum, Hundu Kush and Pamirs meet. It is the most glaciated region outside the polar continent and has the highest concentration of mountains in the world. Experience mystical villages that used to be caravan stops along the Silk Route.

Pakistan K2 Base Camp Trek
20 days | Pakistan
From S$ 5,685/Adult

Northern areas of Pakistan is the meeting point of the mountain ranges, where there are five out of the world’s fourteen 8000m peaks, and more 7000m peaks than rest of the world combined. It is also the home for largest glaciated area out side polar region.