Train Journeys

A train journey is a seductive romantic experience, harking back to a bygone era, a symbol of freedom and escape.

Enjoy a luxury rail experience, as you gain comfortable access into dramatic scenery and off-the-beaten-path trails. Train travel eliminates the need for typical long road trips and the hassle of checking in and out of hotels – this is perfect for those seeking a relaxing and slow-paced discovery of a country.

The First Luxury Rail Journey in Ireland with Belmond Grand Hibernian
3/5/7 days | Great Britain
From S$ 5,980/Adult
Launched on 9 Aug 2016, Belmond Grand Hibernian will be the first luxury overnight rail experience of its kind in Ireland with plans for tours of the magnificent open countryside, dramatic coastal scenery and fascinating cities of both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
The Splendid Northern Spain with El Transcantabrico
8 days | Spain
From S$ 1,310/Adult
The magic of northern Spain awaits the traveller from the lands of Castile and León, to the shores of the Bay of Biscay. All the beauty of 'Green Spain', with its landscapes and monuments and the delights of its unrivalled gastronomy awaits travellers on this incredible hotel on wheels – El Transcantabrico.
Classic Scotland - Into the Highlands with the Royal Scotsman
9 days | Great Britain
From S$ 12,290/Adult

Be enchanted by Edinburgh, immersed in the romance of rail in the Highlands and intrigued by the city of Glasgow! Belmond Royal Scotsman takes you to the heart of the Scottish Highlands, where you travel through landscapes of pine-clad mountains, reflected in mirror-still lochs.

Golden Eagle Trans-Siberia in Luxury - From Moscow to Ulaanbaatar or Vladivostok
11/15 days | Mongolia
From S$ 20,400/Adult

The Golden Eagle brings unprecedented luxury to, quite possibly, the 'world's greatest rail journey'! This program covers the journey from Vladivostok to the unbounded steppes of Mongolia, passing through beautiful historic cities and villages, countless lakes and mountains, attractive orthodox churches and Buddhist temples, endless forests and great Eurasian rivers, and finally, ending off in in the magnificent Russian capital of Moscow.

Essence of the Trans-Siberian Journey with Tsar's Gold (Moscow to Ulaanbaatar)
12 days | Mongolia
From S$ 11,650/Adult

A journey on the legendary Trans-siberian Railroad is one of the last great travel adventures in our world. Set this dream of a lifetime on the tracks with the Tsar’s Gold Private Train and experience Russia and Mongolia in the safest, most comfortable and fascinating manner. Take the historic route between Moscow and Lake Baikal. Lean back to enjoy the dramatic changes of scenery and savour a choice of Europe’s and Asia’s most superb and splendid landscapes!

Luxury Cruise Train with 'Shiki-Shima'
Making its debut in 1st May 2017, the 10-car exclusive sleeper train offers excursions between Tokyo and north-eastern Japan.  Be awed with the diverse seasonal beauty of Japan; the cuisines, local arts and culture of each region from the unique vantage point of a luxury train.
Nostalgia Modern Journey with Twilight Express Mizukaze
Taking up the tradition and success of its predecessor, the new luxury sleeper train Twilight Express Mizukaze will make its debut in spring 2017.  Take in the breathtaking scenery of west Japan, enjoy the cuisine offered on board by renowned local chef and visit a number of famous tourist spots, including World Heritage sites during the sight stops.
The Legendary Venice Simplon - Orient Express Across Europe
2/5/6 days | Italy
From S$ 4,520/Adult
A work of art in itself and a true Art Deco icon, the legendary Venice Simplon-Orient-Express train offers one of the most celebrated and romantic journeys in the world. The classic journeys take you to great European cities, including London, Paris, Venice, Prague, Vienna and Budapest.
Ultimate Train Experience With Seven Stars in Kyushu
2/4 days | Kyushu
From S$ 2,520/Adult
The super-luxe cruise-train, Seven Stars in Kyushu is famed with its Japanese-Western fusion design concept, top-ending dining and 14 private posh suites. Journeys showcasing the seven attractions of the island: “nature, cuisine, hot springs, history and culture, power spots, friendliness, and train travel”.
The Royal Journey With Blue Train
2 days | South Africa
From S$ 890/Adult
South Africa has two superb luxury trains with various routes that crisscross South and Southern Africa. Both trains are completely unique but both offer outstanding services, cuisine, beautiful accommodation, dining and lounge carriages.

The Five-Star Blue Train is an excellent overnight way of traversing this huge country in comfort and style. Its very name has become synonymous with the ultimate in luxury and personal service.  The trains ensure that your experience is as reliable and sound as it is luxurious, safety and technical excellence are of paramount importance on The Blue Train.
The Luxurious Journey With Rovos Rail
3 days | South Africa
From S$ 1,540/Adult
Experience the extravagant elegance of rail travel through Africa on Rovos Rail, combining the opulence of pre-war travel with subtle modern innovations, relax in the privacy and comfort of spacious suites, each with a perfect blend of period ambience and modern features.
Eastern & Oriental Express
4 days | Thailand
From S$ 3,630/Adult

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Aboard the Eastern & Oriental Express, on the classic journey from Bangkok to Singapore, through gently unfolding rural landscapes, past temples, tea plantations, colonial cities, ancient villages and historic monuments. Away from the hustle and bustle and escape for a long weekend.