Uncharted Destinations

For the experienced traveler that’s been almost everywhere, Country Holidays has tours to distant and hard to reach places that are well off the tourist trail and receive few if any visitors.

It’s about fulfilling a quest for an authentic experience. Being mesmerized by the planet’s most breathtaking destinations. And being the only one to say I’ve been there!

Orient Silk Road Express Across 5 Stans & Caucasus
Romance of Silk Road, Persia & Caucasus by Train
From S$ 6,890/Adult
Indulge in the elegant Orient Silk Road Express, decorated in a traditional style with prints in the style of the Uzbek oriental patterns. This journey makes you familiar with the manifold cultures along the legendary Silk Road and numerous localities that made history. Pick your dream once-in-a-lifetime journey with a selection of 5 Stan countries and 2 Caucasus countries.
Golden Eagle Luxury Train Across Silk Road, Persia & Caucasus
Romance of Silk Road, Persia & Caucasus by Train
From S$ 15,200/Adult

Experience unprecedented luxury and romance as you retrace the most important trading route of our ancient civilization, rated by many as the 'world's greatest rail journey'. For centuries, great explorers and merchants had braved through cragged mountain peaks, desolate desert and colorful cities to trade silk, spices and perfumes. Today, you can follow the exact same path while immersing in Golden Eagle's first-class service which had been carefully designed with emphasis on your comfort, relaxation and enjoyment.

North Korea - Pyongyang - The Unexplored Corner Of Asia
4 days | North Korea
From S$ 3,050/Adult

Visit the capital of Pyongyang, its memorials and museums; and take a ride in the sleek underground Pyongyang Metro. Travel to Panmunjom – the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and border to South Korea. Experience how total obedience to the state is possible. This plus the glimpses of local life that you can catch make North Korea a fascinating destination.

North Korea - Pyongyang, Dmz & Mt. Myohyang - Exploring The Hermit Kingdom
5 days | North Korea
From S$ 3,395/Adult

This 5 days trip concentrates on the capital of Pyongyang and review the country as the “Kimland” with its many stunning monuments dedicated to the “eternal president Kim II Sung”. The story from the country’s point of view is being told through its memorial and museum. Also be taken out to experience the countryside of Myohyangsan and to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

Hidden Adventures of Cambodia
6 days | Cambodia
From S$ 1,990/Adult
Discover Cambodia’s wild side. This itinerary is perfect for the adventurous or second timers who have already been to the temples of Siem Reap and wish to discover the unknown gems of Cambodia.  Head to remote Mondulkiri province where nature unfurls in all her glory, untouched and pure.
Antarctica in Private Yacht
6 days | Antarctica
From S$ 28,250/Adult

Sail to the frozen continent with the freedom and comfort of a private yacht. Experience the roar of calving glaciers echoing between icy cliffs and see massive rock and witness abundance of wildlife amidst ice formations such as whales, penguins and seal colonies.

Arctic Cruise to Spitsbergen in Private Yacht
7 days | Norway
From S$ 25,920/Adult
Get up close to the mystical Arctic with the freedom and comfort of a private yacht. Cruise fjords choked with icebergs, kayak in bays with tumbling glaciers, search for polar bears, narwhals and walruses amidst the ice tundra in this one-of-a-kind adventure.
Ha Giang - Off The Beaten Path To The Roof Of Vietnam
7 days | Vietnam
From S$ 2,450/Adult

Northeast Vietnam is home to various ethnic groups and spectacular mountain passes. Meander off the beaten tourist track to unveil the pristine beauty and traditional flavor of the Northeast unbeknownst to many.

Remote Ladakh Glamping with Nubra Valley & Optional Panggong Lake Excursion
8 days | The Himalayas
From S$ 6,390/Adult

Embark on a nomadic journey in canvas luxury at the Chamba Camp. Unfurl the centuries-old culture of Ladakh, explore her fascinating monuments, quaint monasteries enriched with ancient art forms, fairs and festivals. Go along the Old Silk Route into the remote Nubra Valley, arguably the last frontier for Himalayan adventure, comprising of heavily glaciated peaks, vast uninhabited hinterlands and crystal clear rivers plunging into the mighty Indus.

Unspoiled Corners of Papua New Guinea in Private Jet
8 days | Papua New Guinea
From S$ 23,980/Adult
Thousands of years in the making, the culture of Papua New Guinea remains unique and untouched. Brave the last frontiers of Tari highland, meet the river people at the inaccessible East Sepik river and immerse in the cultural diversity of Mt. Hagen at the fertile Waghi Valley.
Titanic Shipwreck Expedition
8 days | Canada
From S$ 141,650/Adult

This is an expedition designed for those with an adventurous spirit–far fewer people have visited the Titanic wreck than those who have been to space. Dive 2.3 miles to the ocean floor and glide over RMS Titanic’s deck with powerful exterior lights to illuminate the cavern where her famous grand staircase was once located. Our 2018 expedition will be the first time in 13 years that people will directly view the wreck. Are you ready to make history?

Exquisite Temples Of Orissa
8 days | East India
From S$ 2,490/Adult

Home to some of the most exquisite and architecturally unique Hindu temples, the Golden Temple Triangle of Orissa draws thousands of pilgrims and tourists for a glimpse of these treasures. This is also the very site of one of the bloodiest battles in ancient India was fought – and King Ashok converted to Buddhism.

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