Uncharted Destinations

For the experienced traveler that’s been almost everywhere, Country Holidays has tours to distant and hard to reach places that are well off the tourist trail and receive few if any visitors.

It’s about fulfilling a quest for an authentic experience. Being mesmerized by the planet’s most breathtaking destinations. And being the only one to say I’ve been there!

Kyrgyzstan Across The Tian Shan - Overland From Kashgar to Almaty
10 days | Xinjiang & Silk Road
From S$ 5,450/Adult

Along the ancient Silk Road, this journey will take you across China, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. You will explore the breathtaking landscape of Tianshan Mountain, the second-largest lpine lake - Issyk-Kul Lake and dramatic canyons in Central Asia.  

Tibet - Journey to the Far West
11 days | Tibet & Qinghai
From S$ 5,810/Adult

Head to the remote and inaccessible far west of Tibet on this itinerary via the gateway of Ali, this itinerary is perfect for the intrepid and adventurous. Expect to be amazed by the virtually-unknown ruins of the ancient Guge kingdom at Tsaparang, the sacred Mt. Kailash, and Lake Manasarovar, on top of the very stunning and diverse landscapes from turquoise lakes to craggy mountains to glaciers.

North Korea - Pyongyang - The Unexplored Corner Of Asia
4 days | North Korea
From S$ 3,050/Adult

Visit the capital of Pyongyang, its memorials and museums; and take a ride in the sleek underground Pyongyang Metro. Travel to Panmunjom – the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and border to South Korea. Experience how total obedience to the state is possible. This plus the glimpses of local life that you can catch make North Korea a fascinating destination.

North Korea - Pyongyang, Dmz & Mt. Myohyang - Exploring The Hermit Kingdom
5 days | North Korea
From S$ 2,950/Adult

This 5 days trip concentrates on the capital of Pyongyang and review the country as the “Kimland” with its many stunning monuments dedicated to the “eternal president Kim II Sung”. The story from the country’s point of view is being told through its memorial and museum. Also be taken out to experience the countryside of Myohyangsan and to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

Hidden Adventures of Cambodia
6 days | Cambodia
From S$ 1,990/Adult
Discover Cambodia’s wild side. This itinerary is perfect for the adventurous or second timers who have already been to the temples of Siem Reap and wish to discover the unknown gems of Cambodia.  Head to remote Mondulkiri province where nature unfurls in all her glory, untouched and pure.
Ha Giang - Off The Beaten Path To The Roof Of Vietnam
7 days | Vietnam
From S$ 2,450/Adult

Northeast Vietnam is home to various ethnic groups and spectacular mountain passes. Meander off the beaten tourist track to unveil the pristine beauty and traditional flavor of the Northeast unbeknownst to many.

Zambia and Zimbabwe with Victoria Falls - Wilderness Safaris Specials
8 days | Zambia
From S$ 9,980/Adult
Complimentary night at Victoria Falls with min. 6 nights stay with Wilderness Safaris
Zambia and Zimbabwe are one of the last Eden in Africa. Experience some of Africa's finest wilderness and wildlife highlights on this Expedition Safari to remote, beautiful and world-class destinations in Southern Africa. Wilderness Safari is surprising you with an exclusive complimentary night at Victoria Falls in the best season!
Gorillas and Volcanoes in East Congo
8 days | Democratic Republic of Congo
From S$ 5,580/Adult
Troubled by civil wars and guerilla activity for decades, The Democratic Republic of Congo was only cleared of rebels and re-introducing tourism as of recent. Adventure seekers in search of an authentic African experience will be thrilled to discover the many gems in this untouched corner of Central Africa. From a crater climb to the world’s largest lava lake, and tracking the Eastern Mountain Gorillas, to learning about the M23 rebels and the country’s disturbing past.
Exquisite Temples Of Orissa
8 days | East India
From S$ 2,490/Adult

Home to some of the most exquisite and architecturally unique Hindu temples, the Golden Temple Triangle of Orissa draws thousands of pilgrims and tourists for a glimpse of these treasures. This is also the very site of one of the bloodiest battles in ancient India was fought – and King Ashok converted to Buddhism.

Karnataka Treasures
8 days | West and South India
From S$ 2,050/Adult

Karnataka is home to the World Heritage–listed monuments of Hampi and Pattadakal, virtually untouched beaches and devout temple towns. Mysore, the jewel in Karnataka’s crown, is where you’d find the spectacular palaces and an atmospheric fresh product market.

Cuba - Nostalgia In The Caribbean
8 days | Cuba
From S$ 7,300/Adult

This trip take highlights of Cuba – walks in some of the finest timeless colonial towns, a unique ride in an 1950s convertible around town, picturesque villages and vivid historical sites. Soak up the captivating culture of eastern Cuba in this wonderfuly diverse region dominated by towering mountain range of the Sierra Maestra.

Faces & Contrasts of Kazakhstan - Picturesque Almaty, Cosmopolitan Astana & Silk Road Cities
9 days | Kazakhstan
From S$ 3,990/Adult

The world’s largest landlocked country is where the old meets the new. Start from the billion-dollar city of Astana and Sofievka ethno-village, unravel a treasure trove of Silk Road cities in Southern Kazakhstan and make your way to Almaty, where the stereotypical image of long-stretching Kazakh steppes are replaced with vibrant colors of red-and-white mountains, singing sand dunes and turquoise lakes.