Winter Splendour

Winter is the best time of year for those that prefer adventures atop snow-capped mountains.

Whether you ski, snowboard, ice-skate or just prefer the crisp winter air, many destinations await your arrival.

Ski in world-class slopes, explore ice villages, catch the Northern Lights or just enjoy snowy white scenery.

Harbin And Jilin - Ice Wonderland
5 days | Northeast China
From S$ 2,190/Adult

Home to the annual Ice Festival, Harbin is host to one of the world's most fascinating winter wonderlands! In the neighboring province, Jilin, when winter approaches, branches of the willow trees are covered with glitter ice.  Under light, trees look like crystal statues.

Finland Family Fun in Santa’s Secret Hideaway
6 days | Finland
From S$ 4,400/Adult
This winter, enjoy a family vacation in a perfect Winter Wonderland with a private meeting with Santa Claus! Enjoy the spectacles of Northern Lights dancing across the skies and sleep in the unique Glass Igloo! While children are making snow angels and building snowmen, you can sip hot Glogi and enjoy the peaceful winter scenery.
Greenland Northern Light Expedition
6 days | Greenland
From S$ 3,390/Adult
Let us take you to one of the most unique destinations – the only inland town of Greenland The Kangerlussuaq.  With more than 300 days of clear sky a year, limited light pollution and located on the Arctic Circle, it is one of the best places to see the northern lights! 
Unique Sweden in Wilderness and Comfort
6 days | Sweden
From S$ 5,280/Adult

This itinerary will offer you the best of both worlds, allowing you to enjoy the excitements of the wilderness, yet with comfort. End your trip with a unique tree house accommodation for an added touch of rustic comfort! 

Dolomites Snow-Shoe Hiking Adventure
7 days | Italy
From S$ 5,090/Adult
Winter is perhaps the most magical time to visit the enchanting Dolomites – heart of the Alps! Embark on a fun and unique way to experience the wintry glory of the Dolomites. End your wonderful winter experience at an alpine ski paradise!
Northern Lights Adventure in Remote Yukon
8 days | Canada
From S$ 6,690/Adult
With the Aurora Oval covering majority of the country, Canada is perhaps the best place in the world for Northern lights viewing! From Fall to Spring, when darkness comes to Yukon skies, the Northern Lights come out.
Swedish & Finnish Lapland Fun
8 days | Finland
From S$ 5,180/Adult

Be based away from the usual tourist trail, and enjoy a series of tasteful winter activities done in the most personalized and flexible way! This program is designed for those seeking a perfect winter holiday with unique experiences at good value and is ideal from December to early April.

Harbin - Ice Wonderland
4 days | Northeast China
From S$ 2,580/Adult

Renowned as the home of ice and snow, Harbin holds the annual Ice Sculpture Festival from January to early February. The colorful glittering ice sculptures decorate this northern snowy city and draw many admirers from all over the world.

Norway Northern Lights In Style - Hidden Gem In The Lyngen Alps
6 days | Norway
From S$ 4,380/Adult

Experience Northern Norway with the combination of soft winter adventures and relaxation by the fire place. Base yourself in a charming lodge with spectacular views over the surrounding mountains and unique Norwegian fjord scenery.

Hokkaido - A Winter Perspective
6 days | Hokkaido
From S$ 5,590/Adult

Vast, frigid and ruggedly beautiful, Hokkaido tempts visitors from all corners of the world with both its natural beauty and rich culture. Winter Hokkaido will captivate you – unique winter fun in the snowy landscape, breath-taking scenery, vibrant winter festivals and not forgetting fresh and delectable local cuisine!

Arctic Norway - At The World’s Edge
6 days | Norway
From S$ 4,820/Adult

Packed with winter activities galore; chase the Aurora Borealis, go whale watching and catch the elusive Arctic king crab. Spend a night in a Snow Hotel and sleep on a bed of snow!

Icelandic Northern Light Explorer
6 days | Iceland
From S$ 4,180/Adult

The land of cinematic beauty and dramatic landscapes offers you a range of soft-adventures. Enjoy snowmobiling while viewing the range of landscapes from glaciers, fjords, volcanos to geysers in the milder winter weather than most countries in the same latitude.